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Established in 2010 and located in Guangzhou, we design and manufacture highly innovative and professional outdoor and tactical equipment for outdoor activity enthusiasts and the world’s law enforcement and armed forces. We also support overseas factory designing and building, production machine supplying, assembling and training, and raw material exporting. Working stably with hundreds of factories covering raw and semi-finished material, OEM/ODM finished products and production line machines, we are your elite partner with integrated solutions all the time.
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Wholesale Price Industrial Pattern Sewing Machine
Industrial Pattern Sewing Machine

Electronic programmable pattern sewing machine:A versatile device for creating intricate designs with precision and ease through electronic programming

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High speed sewing machine with direct-drive English speaking
High Speed Full Function Lockstitch Industrial Sewing Machine With Direct-drive English Speaking

Industrial sewing machine with direct-drive, high-speed lockstitch, and button screen control featuring English language support for seamless operation and enhanced productivity.

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Factory Wholesale polo tactical shirt
OEM ODM Manufacturer Wholesale Military Army Polo Tactical Combat Shirts

Stay sharp and comfortable on the job with our Tactical shirts, which feature lightweight, breathable fabrics that resist fading and offer superior fit for unrestricted movement.

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bulk supplier military tactical pants
Wholesale Manufacturer Military Army Combat Tactical pants with custom logo

These tactical pants made from light, monophonic rip-stop fabric with water and mud-proof Teflon repellent, are suitable for training, shooting, work. 

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custom factory military Coveralls
OEM ODM Wholesale Manufacturer US Military Mechanics Coveralls

This Military Mechanics Coveralls use Classic U.S. Woodland Camo pattern blends into most temperate environments.  

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Camouflage Military Tactical Molle Large Backpack
Camouflage Military Tactical Molle Large Backpack

This backpack is camouflage style. This Camouflage Military Tactical Molle Large Backpack has large capacity with molle, adaptable for tatical, army, and military equipements.

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ODM military poncho manufacturer
Wholesale Manufacturer Factory Military Army Tactical Rainwear Poncho In Camo Pattern

With a focus on practicality, our Tactical Poncho offers reliable defense against a range of nuclear, biological, and chemical hazards.

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Outdoor Sport Windproof Balaclava
Outdoor Sport Windproof Camouflage Balaclava Ninja Mask Face Neck

This headwear is camouflage and color optional. This Outdoor Sport Windproof Camouflage Balaclava Ninja Mask Face Neck is used for outdoor, sport, windproof and tactical scenes.

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wholesale manufacturer combat tactical shoes
Military Army Waterproof Combat Tactical Boots Wholesale Manufacturer

Designed with department-specialty users in mind, our tactical boots excel in delivering advanced performance and utmost comfort, all while maintaining a sharp and fresh appearance.

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Multi-funtion Shovel
Small Multi-funtion Folding Military Shovel with Compass

This Military Shovel is small. This Small Multi-funtion Folding Military Shovel with Compass is made of carbon steel with PVC handle, folding with compass for military survival activities.

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Outdoor Waterproof Camouflage Zipper Delta Camping Tactical Tent
Outdoor Waterproof Camouflage Zipper Delta Camping Tactical Tent

This Tactical Tent is delta shape and camouflage with zipper. This Outdoor Waterproof Camouflage Zipper Delta Camping Tactical Tent can be used in outdoor camping and tactical training.

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Emergency Alarm combat tactical walkie talkie radio
Military Grade Two Way Tactical Walkie Talkie OEM ODM Logo

Military Grade Walkie Talkie: Experience unparalleled communication reliability and tactical efficiency with this advanced communication device.

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Advanced Military Mine Detector
Advanced Military Mine Detector

Our Military Mining Detector: A powerful, compact device that keeps soldiers safe from hidden dangers.

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